Hope of Migrants
Hope is a game about the immigration emergency in mediterranean sea

Europe is currently living a very difficult moment. With the case of the migrants on the boat Aquarius, we are facing not only a humanitarian emergency. We are experiencing a crisis of the basic moral values that are the base of the European Union. Once again, we have not learnt from history and we are living a moment of […]

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Cover image Westernia

Westernia is a proof of concept generated in one week for Resist Jam. #ResistJam is an online game jam about creating games that resist oppressive authoritarianism in all its forms. Concept People refer to their countries with the metaphor of the house. Houses are vertical buildings so it makes sense for us to use the floors […]

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marcelino game play

Marcelino was our first little experiment. We wanted to make a protest game against the Catholic church, a rich, old-fashioned institution. So we organised a weekend game jam, just four friends having fun. We wanted to develop as punk rock music was made in the 70s: a bunch of friends having fun while producing a […]

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