Marcelino was our first little experiment. We wanted to make a protest game against the Catholic church, a rich, old-fashioned institution. So we organised a weekend game jam, just four friends having fun. We wanted to develop as punk rock music was made in the 70s: a bunch of friends having fun while producing a short, fast-paced game. As punk rockers were happy with just three cords, we don’t need the best animations or complex mechanics. Fuck polishing the game, we only want to make a point! 

Marcelino animated GIF

We uploaded our impertinent project and waited for feedback but only a few people left comments around. Probably choosing Flash, almost dead in 2015, as a platform was not a very wise decision. But we felt like we didn’t have time to implement a mobile game in just a weekend and maybe people would find the game on the big Flash portals. Still, more than 20,000 users gave the game a try, reaching more people than other protest messages!

Enough talking, try to arrive virgin to the Vatican here!

Music credits

👉 Level one and sound effects are produced by Kosmo.

👉 Introduction and level two music made by Mudfield ( )