Hope of Migrants

Europe is currently living a very difficult moment. With the case of the migrants on the boat Aquarius, we are facing not only a humanitarian emergency. We are experiencing a crisis of the basic moral values that are the base of the European Union. Once again, we have not learnt from history and we are living a moment of low social empathy. A moment where normal people feel pitted against one another.

We do not want to observe all of this without trying to change something. We feel like it is important to stir the consciences and at least to try raising awareness.

This is how Hope, our new impertinent game, has been created…

Hope is a game about the immigration emergency in mediterranean sea

Hope is an independent game born from an old idea. We have recently partnered with ACNUR, the Spanish agency of the UNHCR – the UN Refugees Agency – that will use it for education and promotion. The first release of the game is in Spanish. English version is in production.


Hope promotes empathy and wants to build awareness towards immigrants, their conditions, and their background. It is a storytelling game: the player lives the progress of the story with the characters by helping them to make decisions that affect their future.

Home screen - Hopes GameGameplay screen - explaining interaction- Hopes GameGameplay screen - Hopes Game

Game Mechanic

At each step (in this game called ‘card’), the user is required to make a choice between two options and to select the story follow-up. The objective of the game is to save a Syrian family by helping them to reach Germany.

The user can die many times during the game for:

  • finishing the money (Money equal or less than zero);
  • getting sick, including other types of death like drowning (Health equal or less than zero);
  • having a mental breakdown (Sanity equal or less than zero).

Gameplay screen - Hopes GameStorytelling

The player can die many times. The type of death is explained in the game over screen. Players are free to restart the game from the very start (Syria) or to continue from the location where they perished (for example the Mediterranean Sea).

The story is reported in the diary of the main character. The diary tells the story, starting from the original departure to the current point in time within the storytelling. For example: If the character is currently in Egypt, the diary will report everything that has happened from Syria to Egypt. If the player has already died and has restarted the game from the location of death, the dairy will visually separate the two sessions but will still allow the user to read the text like a unique story. The diary is an element of the gameplay: the player can read what has happened so far during the trip at any time during the game session.

Hope in stores

You can download Hope from Google Play and Apple Store.

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