GamerGate brought different games to attention

Gamergate was the controversy of the year, showing the worst face of game fans when, claiming to protect the “gamer identity”, they decided to start threatening women involved in our industry. However, I believe the result of the controversy has been positive for games because it was the start for a wider debate, including the recognition of this media as an art form. It was also an opportunity for people not into gaming to become aware that there are many different types of games out there and many women are playing them.

Annita Sarkesian, one of the harassed women during the controversy, explains in the following funny video how “women are perceived as threathening because they are asking for games to be more inclusive” and “Gamergate is challenging the status quo of games as male dominated space”.

Comedy Central was able to present the debate in a more relaxed way than it was ocurring on the social media. It was also very nice to be able to watch in mainstream media people talking about different games.


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