Fort McMoney

Fort McMoney is half a documentary, half a videogame about life in Fort McMurray (Canada), a city developing the world’s largest oil sands reserves. The game will introduce you to different characters in order to show different points of view of the oil industry: from the town leaders, happy with all the capital is generating, to homeless people, dissapointed with a system which is simply not working for them.

Although some of the videos feel too long while playing, this is an excellent effort in adding meaningful content to a videogame. The website also encourages players to debate  whether the oil industry should be nationalized or not. The documentary makes very good points so at the moment I was playing 77% of the players had vote Yes, the oil should be nationalized (with more than 43,000 votes).

This project was funded by the National Film Board of Canada, TOXA and Arte, with a cost a of C$870,000 (around 570,000 €).

I find funny that it was acclaimed at several international film festivals but no game festivals or websites seem to have shown any interest. Is it maybe because the games industry establishment is not interested in different games?

Play it here.


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