Sweatshop banned from the AppStore

We wrote about this game a few months ago. After that, Littleloud developed an iPad version of the game, but you won’t be able to find it in the AppStore anymore. Apple stated it was uncomfortable to sell a game based on the theme of running a sweatshop.

We find here a rare exception in their app catalogue: a meaningful game pretending to show an important human rights issue at the same time you have fun. It even had the input of a charity during its development but sadly this is not important for Apple. They have made clear once again the kind of users they want to have: dumb consumers happy to have their content filtered by their protectors in case they get hurt. Unfortunately, not many people complain or even realize what’s going on with their Apple devices. If we want to create a different kind of audience for games, we need users to be aware of these issues. It is a shame most of them are not.

It is important to remember that this is not the first time a game is pulled out from the AppStore: Phone Story, Snuggle Truck or Endgame Syria  are games that were rejected before.

You can read an excellent article by Simon Parkin, designer of Sweatshop, published by the Guardian here.

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