Phone Story

Phone Story is a satirical and educational game explaining the real costs of manufacturing smartphones. You will have to force children to collect minerals, save your workers trying to commit suicide and find a way to dispose the massive amounts of generated waste. Everything to produce the latest phones… just like the one you got in your hands while playing!

The game was released in the iTunes App Store on September 2011 and banned only three hours after its official announcement. But fortunately, this action by Apple attracted a lot of media attention, so the message of the game was still delivered. The official website invites you to find more information about Coltan mining, worker suicides and planned obsolescence, explaining the importance of these issues as well as providing possible solutions.

Luckily, the designers adapted the game to the Android Market were didn’t have any problems with censorships. And this time there was a happy end to the story: on February 2012, Molleindustria donated $6000 raised by the project to a former Foxconn worker who attempted suicide. A great example of how a game can help to make this world a bit better.

You can now play Phone Story online, purchase the Android version or download on Apptrackr if you have a jailbroken iOS device.

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