Sweatshop puts you in charge of the workers of a clothes factory, where the owner only seems to be concerned about manufacturing the cheapest clothes in the least amount of time. The game will let you choose if you want to be an exploiter, employing children with no access to drinks or toilets, or a good boss, hiring experts to maintain the facilities and trying to keep your workers happy. Although you will struggle to score points if you go for the second option.

You may be tired of rejecting invitations to cheesy and pointless Facebook games, but Sweatshop is different and, the most important, meaningful. Your workers may have a grin on their faces at the beginning, but they will be crying soon, so exhausted they can even die or being involved in not very nice accidents. That’s the point the creators are trying to make: sweatshops are a sad reality that have recently been in the point of attention when it was found that the Olympic mascots and the sponsored outfit worn by the athletes were manufactured in horrible conditions in China and Indonesia.

Apart from the game mechanics itself, the game presents facts between its 30 levels. I guess it will be too much text for most of the players but some people will be interested in knowing more about this global problem. The only thing I’m missing is some links to try to get the users involved in real-world campaigns, although they have been included in their “Sweatstop” section of the website.

Sweatshop has been developed in the United Kingdom by Littlecloud, under the commission of the British TV channel Channel 4. It is a free Flash game, so go and give a try to this excellent game?

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