There are different developers out there

Last night I enjoyed a lot Indie Game The Movie, a film showing the development of three of the most successful indie games ever made: Braid, Super Meat Boy and Fez. If you are into games you have heard and probably played them already, but you probably don’t know anything about the tiny teams that dedicated so much effort to get these games out.

The movie is all about the human side of game development, something I have never been able to explain to people who have not worked in games before. What the documentary makes better is to show how obsessive a person can become when working on a project they love. It also shows how stressful and painful is to get a game together, how much is possible to hate the always unexpected bugs. On the other hand, it captures the immense satisfaction that is to watch people enjoying and talking and loving your game.

After watching the movie, I couldn’t stop thinking of all the developers out there and the amount of interesting things they have to say. Because Braid, Fez and Super Meat Boy are all excellent games, but the developers were lucky to be based in North America and have the support of big publishers as Microsoft.

I believe there a lot of good, small and different games in the Internet not many people know because the general media is not interested in them. I would like this blog to be a showcase of those games designed to be different, and hopefully an opportunity for their creators to speak their minds.

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